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"Andrew Reed Miller began last night’s set by doing things to his solo double bass that seemed, well, unnatural. Accompanied by his MacBook, a video projection screen and several mouth instruments, he performed his new original work called ‘L-EDGY’.'This is serious music,' the guy behind me said loudly after the applause ended. And he nailed it".
- Megan Power ArtsEast Jan 16 2012

Andrew Reed Miller has worked as a professional musician for over 25 years, playing in orchestras, opera and ballet companies and performing chamber music.

Originally from New York, Andrew now lives in the small city of Saint John, Canada. In the 2000s he began focusing on contemporary and experimental music and developing original compositions.
Much of his recent work explores audiovisual media culture and uses interactive electronics and extended instrumental techniques.

Miller is
a core member and principal bass of Symphony New Brunswick,
he performs  on a bass (2002) by Masa Inokuchi and bows by Reid Hudson.

He is founder and artistic director of Resonance Inc., an organization dedicated to new and experimental music in the form of productions and collaborations since 1998.  Miller has performed at many venues such as Open Ears Festival (Kitchener), The New Brunswick Summer Music Festival, the Scotia Festival of Music, The Confederation Centre for the Arts (Charlottetown), Ensemble Kore (Montreal) Open Waters (Halifax), Sound Symposium (Newfoundland), Tonic (NYC), Western Front (Vancouver) and The Music Gallery (Toronto).

Andrew had many student inspirations studying bass in Toronto with the great Joel Quarrington, at the University of Ottawa, the Kent Blossom Chamber Music Festival in Ohio, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and many other places. More recently he studied Max/MSP/Jitter programming at Harvestworks in New York